Flooring as a Service

We transform any surface into an intelligent IGP - information generation platform. Based on state of the art sensor technology and powerful machine learning algorithms, we introduce the flooring 2.0.
In order to make sure you get the most out of your flooring, we offer the flooring as a service.


Our activity is based on truly swiss values : precision, discretion and resourcefulness.

  • Resourcefulness

    With us, floorings do more than sense - they are taught to recognise and predict various events, differentiating left and right feet, children and adults, wheelchairs and buggies for dedicated activity analysis.

  • Non-intrusive

    With us, floorings are capable of sensing and recognising all events without hooking up to your phone or recording your every move via cameras.

  • Flexible

    The sensor solution can be permanently fitted or rolled out as a carpet allowing for temporary installations. This flexibility is then also to be found in the customised renting and purchase models.


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